Tuesday, December 31, 2013


We finally got around to taking the kids skiing. We had the greatest day. Only the bunny hill was attempted, and we had to take Kate and John to cousins about 15 minutes into it. We realized then that we did not have enough adults to help. It worked out great once the littles were gone. I ran along Lydia as she was learning to use her skis up the toll rope. And then I ran along side her all the way down to prevent enormous crashes. (The best workout I have had in awhile!)

Thankfully Lydia is a quick learner because once Rick got back from taking the littles to cousins, it required both of us to run along side of Lincoln. The kids all did great and everyone had a fun time. Cora and Brig just worked on the skiing skills they already had, and didn't require any help from us ... phew! So fun to share our passions with our cuties!

 We finished the day off with pizza. Why do pizza and skiing go so well together? Who cares - it was delicious!
Lydia was right behind me ... funny girl!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2014

We had a wonderful Christmas. I have been having a hard time the last few years to really feel the Christmas spirit. I think it is my fault for relying too much on the commercial aspect of Christmas instead of focusing on the true meaning of Christmas. This year I was not feeling it at all until Christmas Eve, which was making me a little worried. But I am happy to report that the Christmas spirit arrived in abundance, and we had a really wonderful Christmas. We spent so much time together, cooking, baking and playing games.

All of us thought about our sweet little Sarah waiting for us in China. This is a hard part about the adoption process. Our Sarah has a family waiting for her in America, but we all still have to wait and wait and wait. At least we are almost 1/2 way done. Next year we will have our entire family here - that will be a great feeling! Here are some highlights.

Christmas Wreaths

Gingerbread House

Sugar Cookies

Our sweet Jack-Jack's first Christmas


This was Christmas morning

The kids ran and got Sarah's picture!

Lydia's favorite present of all time!


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Santa Lucia Day!

My parents were here in Idaho to watch the kids in the Nutcracker (two nights in a row I might add!) We have a lot of Scandinavian heritage, so it was the perfect weekend to bring out the Santa Lucia tradition. This year it was Lydia's turn to be Santa Lucia. She is named after my grandmother who was from Sweden, so it is only appropriate that it is now her turn. Cora has had the responsibility for the last seven years.

We made some Gott Vetebrรถd which is Swedish Cardamom bread. It is kind of like a cinnamon roll but much less sweet. Our little cousin Sophie was in town too, so we dressed them up and had them serve some deliciousness to everyone here. I really love this tradition.

We Survived the Nutcracker!

Another season of the Nutcracker has come and gone. This year we had three of our kiddos in three roles each. I volunteered not only to help back stage but to be a class liaison. The Nutcracker is always so much fun to do and so much fun when it is over!

Cora was a party mom and in the Russian and Spanish dances.

Brig was a party boy, a soldier and a little ginger.

Lydia was a princess, a fairy and a mademoiselle.

This is our fourth Nutcracker - meaning that we have been with four different studios (Cora has been doing this since she was five). I have to say that this was one of the best in which we have had the fortune to particpate.

Even though we feel so tired, I'm so glad we did it. The funny thing is now I feel like we can finally focus on Christmas. Today was the first day I have listened to Christmas music.

Lydia the princess

Brig the soldier

Cora the Spanish dancer

Cora the Russian

Lydia and Brig the little gingers

Lydia the fairy 
The proud parents

The very supportive grandparents and uncle 
The party boys

The party moms

The Last Performance!

Monday, December 16, 2013

I-800A Approval

Wow - that took forever! Seventy-seven days to be exact. Adoption waiting times have to be some of the most painfully slow experiences I have ever had! Check that one off the list - YAY!  So from here we have a lot more paperwork, and then another long wait ... should be fun.

Here is a new picture of our sweetie. Some new friends took these last week. I have to admit, this is way better than when we were waiting for John. She does seem to be growing so quickly though.  Thanks to the kindness of strangers, these pictures help make the waiting period a little more tolerable.

Isn't she adorable?

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Braving the Freezing Temperatures

The first thing Lydia and John wanted to do this morning was go and play in the snow. Mind you it was around 5 degrees outside. I was happy to let them go as long as they didn't need my help! I actually got brave and took pictures of them. You've got to love kids because the cold weather just doesn't bother them. I have truly become a wimp in my old age.

They were having a blast sledding down our slippery slide. Crazy cute kids!