Thursday, April 24, 2014

Article 5 Issued!

Another great way to start the day! I forgot how the tail end of adoption is like watching paint dry. I'm so glad that we had our Article 5 Issued though. One more official step before we can start making travel plans. We are all SO ready for Sarah to be here. Now there is a very tangible void in our family. Every time I leave for an errand and return, Kate will run up to me and ask if I brought Sarah back. Prayer time is pleading for Sarah to come into our family from all the kids but especially John and Kate. We are ready, but I fear that we won't be in China until the first part of July now. June is the worst month for Rick to take time off work but July is no big deal. Oh well, none of this is in my hands and ultimately I have to keep reminding myself that Heavenly Father loves Sarah so much that he is guiding and directing every step of this adoption so that it benefits her too.  Next step Travel Approval!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Highlights 2014

We had a fantastic Easter. I went all out with new outfits, a big dinner and even a dessert. There was so much family time - it was fantastic! We also added chickens and turkeys to our ever growing family. The kids are having so much fun with them. The kids named the chickens, Amy, Penny, Emma, Goldie and Bolt (or Peepers depending on their mood). The turkeys are Hank and Chris - short for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

The Turkeys

The Chickens 

Monday, April 14, 2014

A Busted Lip

Jack-Jack has been gone for awhile, learning to become a "good citizen".  He came back Sunday after the kids had gone to bed. Kate and John were so excited to see him the next morning. Jack-Jack was equally excited to see them. In the excitement he jumped up on Kate and knocked her over. She fell and landed on our slate stairs and her lip practically split in two. She and I headed right over to the Emergency room, and she was in surgery less than an hour and a half later. Thankfully we had a terrific plastic surgeon. When they took us up to pre-op, I started to feel a little emotional, this was not the way I had planned our Monday morning, and I really don't like my kids to be put under. Every time the doctor would look at me he would say, "You know this is no big deal, right?" To which I would try to hide my emotion and say, "I know!" Still, I was a little afraid, but it all ended great, and Kate was so much braver than I had imagined she would be. I'm so grateful for my cute little Kate - I love her like crazy!

In the Emergency Room

In Pre-Op

I watched this monitor like a hawk

Post Op!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

NVC Cable and Approval!

Things are starting to move fast. I really hope this continues. We received our NVC Cable and Approval. It only took three working days!

I really hope it continues like this (have I said that twice). The first two weeks of June, Rick doesn't think he will be able to come because of his work schedule, so we are praying for May - fingers and toes crossed!

Friday, April 4, 2014

I-800 Provisional Approval!!!!

Happy News! We received our I-800 Provisional Approval today. It took 2 weeks and 2 days to get our approval letter.

From this point on, here is our timeline:

NVC Cable and Approval
5-7 days

DS-260 to Consulate

2 Weeks

2-4 Weeks

10-21 days later

That means best case scenario we could be in China as soon as the week of May 22 and worse case scenario we could be in China the last week of June. Not too shabby either way - but here's hoping for sooner rather than later!