Friday, July 26, 2013

How We Have Fun in Idaho

We are really liking Idaho. We bought a place with 7 acres and are loving every minute of it. One of our favorite activities is flood irrigating the yard - yeah I know, it sounds very farm like, and it is. We flood irrigate and then go "swimming" and play a roaring game of football.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Another Move

Well, it was too good to be true. We are moving from Utah. The job market is not so good here, so we are moving to Idaho. I never thought I would be an Idaho resident, but Idaho, ready or not,  here we come!

I have loved living next door to my younger sister Savanna. I have loved being close to my parents, Rick's parents and other siblings. Heavenly Father for some beautiful reason allowed us to have the exact experience in Utah of which we had dreamed. I really wanted to have my kids grow up here close to family, but Heavenly Father has a different plan for us and I am now ready to do whatever he is asking (I wasn't so excited at first).